Please Allow me to re-introduce myself.

Before I turn everyone off, and leave you all hating me, please let me provide a little about myself and than we can have some fun. I truly am above all things a gentlemen, a friend, a brother, a loving father (to the cutest pain in the ass dog). I am the person who holds doors open for everyone, I stop to pet every dog I see (literally every dog), I consider myself a humanitarian, and I’m not worried about spending every dime I own on friends or making sure people are having a good time. I will go out of my way for any friend or stranger that is in need and I sincerely enjoy making people happy, and I will go through any means necessary to provide that. I do not require the credit nor do I need to make a point of being in the spotlight, it makes me happy just to make other people happy. I have a great understanding of most people and understand peoples wants and needs- through that I can talk to anybody and can generally relate to everyone.
My dating resume looks like this – I am 27 years old, I am tall and skinny, I am a hard worker, doing low level management IT stuff for state government. I love to stay active and fit, and I am interested in way too many things, with my passions in skiing and mountain biking, Im also interested in tennis, volleyball, road biking, soccer, running, hiking, climbing, and I am incredibly go with the flow and am always interested in trying new things. I love to cook, and am currently taking culinary arts classes to be a chef (I realized that through the food I produce, cooking is one of the best ways that I can make people happy). I try to go and see as much live music as possible, I’m interested in tons of music, movies and TV ( my friends consider me a bit of a media snob, because i am opinionated in what i listen to and watch…I consider myself to like pretty general things). I dress a little preppy and generally get complimented on my clothes matching and my sense of style, I follow most major sports, and watch too much sportscenter. I am well groomed, and pretty well spoken, I keep up with the news so I can carry a conversation on most current events. I’m honest for the most part, (I’m willing to lie to spare peoples feelings or to tell people what they may want off need to here). Like I said I’m incredibly average in all aspects of my life, I like to party occasionally (pretty much once a week) and have a very close- fun group of friends that I socialize with frequently and am able to travel and vacation with. I’m a total beer snob, and love to travel to breweries and sample beers from across the world. I figure on paper I’m not a bad option to date…

A few things that I would opt to leave out of my dating resume- I am terrified of feet, I have a little case of OCD (not necessarily a bad thing, I clean and I am organized), I probably have a little ADD (who doesn’t), I don’t like to get dirty, I have a receding hairline (its not terrible but bad enough for me to worry about , thanks dad for some awesome genes, because of this I am a little self conscious and wear a hat almost everywhere, I own 100’s of hats, its kind of my identity…) I have a bit of an addictive personality (luckily I have a level head and am able to mostly control this), I occasionally imbibe too much ( i don’t get too rowdy or ever cause any drama, but a drunk person is still a drunk person). A few of my bigger issues involve that I don’t let people take care of me, i really struggle with people giving me things or doing things for me, I don’t like to ask people for favors, I like to take care of myself, I definitely struggle with a few commitment issues, Im very uncomfortable sharing intimate moments with people, and i’m not much of a cuddler ( I can cuddle with my dog haha), I am somewhat uncomfortable with myself when naked (vanity issues, weiner issues, hairline issues…. hahaha???)
and the worst part about me right now is I’m recovering from a recent break-up… i figure this blog may offend people because I have a somewhat jaded perspective on women right now. I recently had a good, nice average woman who was a good match, but things didn’t work out. (I know I know, cry me a fucking river..) So this is my exploration of how to get passed that and move on, unfortunately I’m not ready for any thing involving commitment so this is more my exploration into how the 40 year old virgin describes slaying hood rats!!! I can be very awkward around girls at times, especially if no alcohol is involved (it’s frustrating cuz i can talk to anyone, but as soon as i try to talk to women that i am actually interested in, i become a nervous moron.) so these blog postings may be sparse, but may lead to interesting stories.
I am willing to answer questions, comments or concerns. Any pointers or tips on blogging in general would be greatly appreciated as well. haha thanks!!


First times are always weird and not quite what you expected

Hello everyone,

I’m not quite sure why I’m here or what my goal is, I actually have never blogged or really don’t follow any blogs so I have zero idea if I’m doing this right.. or what I should be doing). I’ve never been much of a writer and don’t feel like I have very many interesting stories to tell or the wit or satire ¬†needed to keep this sort of thing interesting, and to make thing worse I have poor grammar usage and over punctuate everything!!! I also try too hard at everything and desperately want to be liked by everyone ( maybe that’s why I’m here, doing this, I want you to like me…) I consider myself the definition of average. average age, average job, average car, average house, average interests, average education, hopefully average manhood???? (fingers crossed). I don’t mean to sound like such a downer as I do have some amazing things and it’s hard to bitch about a pretty good life and I’m sure nobody probably wants to here it anyways. I have actually embraced my average life and I am quite content. ¬†Generally I am always happy, I am actually the obnoxious guy that makes the best out of every situation. I believe the point of this blog is going to be focusing on one average thing that has eluded me…. I do not have the average girl. I just want to get some things clear- I generally try not to offend anyone (remember, I want to be liked by everyone), if this blog goes where I think it may I will probably offend any one who is reading, (I’m not sure how to even get readers?? I’ll do some research haha). But I hope to plan on blogging about dates and romantic interests. Follow me through my late 20’s as I explore dating, and all the fun awkwardness that goes with it.